Rate Limits

This Public API is protected against abuse by different mechanisms. We have an absolute rate limiting to prevent DDoS attacks (technical) and another one to validate partners' usage (business).

If the usage exceeds any of the limits explained below you will receive a response with the HTTP Status Code 429 alongside a message with the reason that caused the blockage.

Absolute Limits

Integrations that exceed these limits or any type of abuse of our API detected will be blocked automatically.

API endpointVersionLimits
api.lodgify.comv1600 requests per minute
api.lodgify.comv2750 requests per minute
lodgify.com/*.icsN/a10 requests per minute

Partners' usage

We allow a limited number of API Keys (as a security requirement for our Public API) for each integration built by an unregistered third-party software provider.

If you're a third-party software provider and developing an integration to be used by Lodgify users, please contact our partnership team through this link https://www.lodgify.com/partners/ to ask for registration.