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Minimum stay duration

Hi, I'm using the "external pricing" feature to be able to set prices via the public API, but it seems this prevents setting minimum stay durations from the website (which says that they must be managed via the external pricing platform). However, I don't have an external pricing platform, only my own scripts. So how can I set the minimum stay durations? Either via the website or the API, I don't plan on changing them too often; but I didn't find out how do to that via the API… Thanks, Roland.

Connect the messages for every reservation to Chiavistello Software

hi Chiavistello Software ask me to ask you the API for inbox messeges for every reservation, could you help me to give to them to connect this service

APIs to format a request for information from an external website

Hello how to use APIs to format a request for information from an external website. The goal is to create the request in lodgify's messaging system (like with the contact form in webbuillder).

Reviews property in WordPress with API

With the API, is it possible to retrieve notices ?

where do I get a room id if I have no room linked to a property?

Trying to block dates via the API, so far got: - "Create an enquiry" that works but no impact on calendar ``` { "guest": { "name": "TOH" }, "source_text": "string", "source_address": "string", "arrival": "2023-11-08T16:37:36.049Z", "departure": "2023-11-09T16:37:36.049Z", "people": 0, "property_id": 504836, "room_type_id": 0, "status": "booked" } ``` And when trying to work on "Create a booking", I get the 666 error ``` { "guest": { "name": "string" }, "source_text": "string", "arrival": "2023-11-08T22:22:23.265Z", "departure": "2023-11-09T22:22:23.265Z", "property_id": 504836, "status": "Booked", "rooms": [ { "room_type_id": 1, "people": 1 } ], "total": 1000, "currency_code": "EUR" } ``` { "message": "Rates are incomplete for property '504836', room type(s): '1'.", "code": 666, "correlation_id": "0HMUUPTD4JJU5:00000089", "event_id": null } \-- Would greatly appreciate some guidance on how to navigate your API, thanks.

Webhook for a booking request

Is ithere a webhook which is triggered when a booking is requested on the website?


hi, we noticed that with the v2 api not all reservations are displayed i have made the modify With API v1, however, it seems to return them all, '<https://api.lodgify.com/v2/reservations/bookings?page=1&size=50&includeCount=true&includeTransactions=false&includeExternal=true&includeQuoteDetails=false'> i have made the modify how you suggest but this month i have missing 2 booking "It's weird that the request returns 53 records as the parameter size is set to 50. In any case, please take into account that the parameters page & size controls the pagination of records, you can set up to 100 records per page. Also notice that v2 endpoint has a parameter stayFilter that, when not set defaults to Upcoming. If you want to mimic the behavior I would recommend you to set to All. Regards. Manu V." How can I solve the problem?

Update rooms' access key codes

Hi Team, inside the front end it's only possible to set access code on property level (<https://app.lodgify.com/#/properties/186600/operational-placeholders>) NOT on room level. WIth the API i can set them on room level. There i have two questions: - Is there any place inside the frontend where I can see the updated values with this funtion? - With which API-Call I can find out the actual access key code. I can't find this information on anya API call. Many thanks Markus

get quote for room type

hallo, not being so skilled to programming, I am simply trying the interface. and get quote gives always error (400not found err 600/901...) are you going to put something to test in API reference that returns the quote of a single room-type? what is gets-quote API for? I need to know in order to ask proper functionalities to website builder. and I could not figure out that working on room-types is useless thx

AccessCode Endpoint

Hello, Is the access code available for use in messaging templates/ on the user interface? I am using PUT to the bookingID and would like to access for default messaging