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Promotion codes on public api

Hello, Is there a way to use promotion codes from the public api? Thanks!

Rate is not the same as quote

Hi! I am using the <https://api.lodgify.com/v2/rates/calendar> endpoint to get the price for a rental based on the dates, and I do get consistent values to when I calculate the price using the seasonal rates in the property dashboard. But it is not the same value as the one in the generated quote for the same dates can you help me understanding what is the difference thanks

Airbnb reservations without email aliases

For some time Airbnb has not provided an email alias in its bookings. For us it is a problem since our own integration necessarily requires an email to generate the digital keys. Before the last update of the Lodgify dashboard, we could edit the guest's data, enter the email manually and from that moment on the data received in the webhooks already included that email and everything worked perfectly. Lodgify has disabled editing guest data for Airbnb bookings from the dashboard and we are running into the issue again. My question is: if I update the guest data from my integration by doing a PUT on the Lodgify endpoint: <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/{booking_id}> for example with this body: { "guest": { "name": "My name", "email": "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])", "phone": "+34555666777" } } Would it cause any problems with my booking with Lodgify/Airbnb? Would we receive that email in the data provided in the webhooks? Do you think it could be a valid solution? Thank you.

Webhook Not working

Webhook is not hitting the target url

getting some weekly prices when price_unit_in_days = 0

when requesting <https://api.lodgify.com/v2/properties/{id}/rooms> I am getting the price_unit_in_days = 0 but the prices do not always correspond to daily prices we have multiple prices per different periods so according to API docs we should always get daily prices ``` If multiple prices per different periods are defined it will return daily prices ```

Problem total results

hi. i have some problme, i cal the total stay (whitout clean service) . but in my "report" i have a different results <br /> private function parse_reservation_data($reservation_data) { $source = $this->map_source($reservation_data['source']); ``` $parsed = [ 'customer_full_name' => $reservation_data['guest']['name'], 'arrival' => $reservation_data['arrival'], 'departure' => $reservation_data['departure'], 'period' => $this->parse_reservation_period($reservation_data['arrival'], $reservation_data['departure']), 'income_vat' => $reservation_data['subtotals']['stay'], 'income' => $reservation_data['subtotals']['stay'], 'total_amount' => $reservation_data['total_amount'], 'source' => $source, 'source_deduction' => $this->calc_source_deduction($source, $reservation_data['total_amount']), 'people' => $reservation_data['rooms'][0]['people'], 'management_sl' => $this->calc_reservation_management_sl($reservation_data['subtotals']['stay']), 'management_sl_vat' => $this->calc_reservation_management_sl_vat($reservation_data['subtotals']['stay']), 'net_income' => $this->calc_reservation_net_income($reservation_data['total_amount'], $reservation_data['subtotals']['stay'], $source), 'wallet' => $this->calc_wallet($reservation_data['subtotals']['stay']) ]; return $parsed; } ``` <br /> why i have a different total if i call your "Stay" for a reservation in your sistem is 92€ in my report 87,85€

API - I am unable to update the total paid by the client on my website

Hi all, I have an integration on my website which is pretty much working as intended, but I have one issue I am describing below. In my website, the client is able to get the availability of the rooms, pay for it using Stripe and reserve a room, everything on my website and using Lodgify and Stripe's API. The issue that I am having is all the bookings on Lodgify from the source #publicapi (which are the ones from my website) are coming as 0% paid. How can I address to Lodgify that is has been paid through Stripe? One step that I though about was to create the booking as I am doing in my website, and then after it, updating this booking with the endpoint <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/{id}> (update a booking v1), but when I run it over my testing room on the Lodgify documentation, even though I receive a response code 200, my room doesn't receive any update. How should I proceed with this? Thanks in advance!

Retrieve pre check-in form details via API

One of my properties has a staffed security gate. Reservations need to be added to an external system with names and ID numbers so the security staff can verify the guests upon check-in. Lodgify's pre check-in form works wonderfully for collecting this information, but I always need to manually enter it into the external system. Is there a way to access this information via API? It would be great to get a webhook for `pre_check_in_form_submitted` or something like that. Any thoughts?

Access Reservation Thread

On Airbnb, my listing is integrated with August Locks to automatically generate a keypad code for guests. I want to automate a reminder message that includes this keypad code before check-in. I created a webhook for the `guest_message_received` event, hoping that it would get triggered by the automated message that is sent with the keypad code. I could then parse the dynamic keypad code out and use it later in my automated reminder to the guest. Unfortunately, the webhook doesn't happen since the message comes from my Airbnb account. I see in the Lodgify dashboard, there is a `threads` API endpoint, but there isn't a similar endpoint exposed via the public API. Can we have something to get the full message thread, please? Or maybe another webhook event that is triggered for **all** messages?

Create booking via API

Hey, I am unable to create brooking via Lodgify API - my request is to this endpoint - <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking>- curl --location '<https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking'> --header 'X-ApiKey: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX' --header 'accept: application/json' --header 'content-type: application/\*+json' --data-raw '{ "guest": { "name": "Sam Smith", "email": "[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])", "phone": "+14334223432", "country_code": "CA" }, "status": "Booked", "property_id": 573494, "arrival": "2024-05-01", "departure": "2024-05-03", "bookability": "InstantBooking", "origin": "manual", "total": 300, "currency_code": "USD", "source_text": "Manual", "rooms": [ { "room_type_id": 640210, "people": 3, "key_code": "" } ] }' it is throwing error - { "message": "BookingSettings #650324 not found.", "code": 666, "correlation_id": "0HN33128E7UK6:00000003", "event_id": null } Thanks Vivek