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API - I am unable to update the total paid by the client on my website

Hi all,

I have an integration on my website which is pretty much working as intended, but I have one issue I am describing below.

In my website, the client is able to get the availability of the rooms, pay for it using Stripe and reserve a room, everything on my website and using Lodgify and Stripe's API. The issue that I am having is all the bookings on Lodgify from the source #publicapi (which are the ones from my website) are coming as 0% paid. How can I address to Lodgify that is has been paid through Stripe?

One step that I though about was to create the booking as I am doing in my website, and then after it, updating this booking with the endpoint https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/{id} (update a booking v1), but when I run it over my testing room on the Lodgify documentation, even though I receive a response code 200, my room doesn't receive any update.

How should I proceed with this?

Thanks in advance!