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Connect Lodgify data with CRM in real time

Hi there,

I'm looking to feed Lodgify contact data into my CRM when behaviours occur, e.g.:

  • Someone contacts us
  • Booking is booked
  • Booking cancelled
  • Booking complete (departure date passed)
  • Etc.

I've been trying to do this via Zapier but unable to find the right behaviour triggers / some of the fields don't align (i believe it's because Zapier only pulls across generic fields as opposed to custom).

Is there any other way I can achieve this, or any advice on how I can make this work with Zapier?

Currently not got a set CRM but will probably go for Mailchimp or Hubspot.

I don't believe I can achieve this with the existing Mailchimp integration. Having tested it out, it looks just like a newsletter sign up form that integrates between the Lodgify site and Mailchimp.