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How are a room's min_price and max_price calculated?

I am using the Lodgify API to retrieve room details and display them on my client's website:


The client wishes to display the minimum and maximum price per night.

I was hoping I could achieve this using the min_price and max_price fields returned by the API call above.

However in a number of cases, the two fields contain the same price.

The client is happy to populate these fields manually but we can't locate them in the UI.

Most properties also have a range of Season rates set but these do not appear to be taken into account by min_price or max_price, so we assume they have to be manually entered somewhere.

It looks like min_price is populated in Rentals > Rates > Default Rates > Price per night & min stay but we're not sure.

Please can you let me know where / how these fields are populated / calculated?