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Quote data (room_type_items) is absent


I would like to report an intermittent issue we are encountering with the API during booking synchronization. On occasion, quote data (room_type_items) is absent in the response despite successful synchronization.

Observed Behavior:
Synchronizations 1 through N complete successfully, with all expected data present.
Synchronization N+1 exhibits missing quote data, even though synchronization itself completes without errors.
Synchronization N+2 and subsequent synchronizations return to normal operation, including complete quote data.

The above behavior may repeat.

I have the API responses for two sample requests: one exhibiting the issue and one functioning as expected.
I can send the whole responses if you give me a way to submit them privately.

The quote parts of the two responses:

The bad: 2024-02-15 11:05:02
"quote": { "id": 6685662, "policy": { "name": "---", "payments": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "cancellation": "", "damage_deposit": "" }, "status": "Agreed", "scheduled_transactions": null, "scheduled_damage_protection": null, "room_type_items": null, "addon_items": null, "other_items": null, "vat_items": null },

And the normal: 2024-02-15 11:19:44

"quote": { "id": 6685662, "policy": { "name": "---", "payments": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "cancellation": "", "damage_deposit": "" }, "status": "Agreed", "scheduled_transactions": null, "scheduled_damage_protection": null, "room_type_items": [ { "room_type_id": <removed>, "subtotal": 187.64, "prices": [ { "type": "RoomRate", "amount": 150, "description": "Daily price" }, { "type": "Fee", "amount": 14, "description": "Cleaning charge" }, { "type": "Tax", "amount": 22.14, "description": "Room Tax ()" }, { "type": "Tax", "amount": 1.5, "description": "Room Tax ()" } ] } ], "addon_items": [], "other_items": [], "vat_items": [{ "type": "Vat", "amount": 0, "description": "VAT" }] },

Before the bad one, the response was as expected.

Thank you.

Theocharis Skylitsis