Booking flow via API


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Booking flow via API

I need to build a custom website on top of Lodgify's API, but I don't want to use Lodgify's checkout page. So, when a guest starts to book, a checkout process will be on the website instead of redirecting to Lodgify's checkout page. The only thing I will need is probably Lodgify's payment page so that I don't need to develop integrations with payment systems myself.

Is it possible to achieve this via API?

What I'm trying to do:

  1. Create a booking using with the status Open.
  2. Create a quote using
  3. Get a payment link using

When I open a payment link, it says: Cannot make a Payment when Quote status is Not sent.

Am I doing everything correctly or should I use different endpoints and different flow? Also, if I do everything correctly, how to change the quote's status to "Sent" from "Not sent"?