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Webhook not displaying booking information

I'm trying to capture the event after a guest books a property. I've logged over 70 webhook attempts trying to identify when a guest books so that I can create a code and email it to them.

Previously, I was using the event "booking_new_status_booked" but that event never triggered despite having many confirmed bookings to various platforms. Lodgify doesn't have webhook history so I was told to use "booking_new_any_status" to capture a broader subset of events and to extrapolate booking status from there.

Over the last week, I've been logging every webhook attempt on my server with the event "booking_new_any_status". I've received 70+ webhook objects and none of them clearly define a booking as booked/paid for/settled.

Could you please provide the webhook event type, as well as which field I should be looking for, in order to identify whenever a booking is paid for? Surely someone has done this before.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. Here are parts of the webhook objects if the dev team is curious:

From AirBnB:

	"source": "AirbnbIntegration",
  "source_text": "HMKRXPHM32",
  "status": "Open",
  "type": "Booking"
  "current_order": {
    "scheduled_policy_text": "Not scheduled in Lodgify",
    "security_deposit_text": "",
    "status": "PendingForOwner"

The outer status was always "Open", even after the guest pays and the booking is created. The current_order.status was either "NotSent" or "PendingForOwner". (I have Instant Bookings that don't require approval so I don't know how a status would be pending on my part.

From VRBO:

  "source": "HomeAway",
  "source_text": "VRBO",
  "status": "Open",  
  "current_order": {
    "status": "PendingForOwner"

Similar to AirBnB- Status is always "Open" without a "Booked".

The only promising response I got was from Booking.com:

    "source": "BookingCom",
    "source_text": "4168736883|4470453417",
    "status": "Booked",
    "type": "Booking"