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Property info min_price & max_price not reflective of PriceLabs


When calling the property info endpoint (https://docs.lodgify.com/reference/getpropertybyidv2), the fields for min_price and max_price are not accurate.

With the following call, I get the subsequent data:


curl --request GET
--url 'https://api.lodgify.com/v2/properties/449807?includeInOut=false'
--header 'X-ApiKey: REDACTED'
--header 'accept: application/json'


{ "min_price": 233.47030257751214,
"original_min_price": 250,
"max_price": 280.1643630930146}

In PriceLabs, and in my Lodgify Calendar, there are several dates that are in the $4-500's. Am I misinterpreting the API or is this a bug with PriceLabs integration. If I'm misinterpreting it, is there an endpoint I get call to get a minimum and maximum price for a particular house? (without having to loop through all prices myself)

Thanks in advance!