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Connect Lodgify data with CRM in real time

Hi there, <br> I'm looking to feed Lodgify contact data into my CRM when behaviours occur, e.g.: <br> - Someone contacts us - Booking is booked - Booking cancelled - Booking complete (departure date passed) - Etc. I've been trying to do this via Zapier but unable to find the right behaviour triggers / some of the fields don't align (i believe it's because Zapier only pulls across generic fields as opposed to custom). Is there any other way I can achieve this, or any advice on how I can make this work with Zapier? <br> Currently not got a set CRM but will probably go for Mailchimp or Hubspot. <br> I don't believe I can achieve this with the existing Mailchimp integration. Having tested it out, it looks just like a newsletter sign up form that integrates between the Lodgify site and Mailchimp. <br> Thanks!

Access the checkin/checkout instruction from the API

Hi, is there any way to access the information that we can use in the e-mail like checkin/checkout instruction for each proprety ?

Webhook trigger for reservation deletion? d

Hello, I wanted to know if I can find out with a webhook request if a booking has been deleted? I have a webhook request when a reservation change status to declined, but doesn't seem to get the information when booking is deleted. I thought about calling the api regularly to synchronise, but that seems a bit cumbersome. Thanks for your help

API task management (PM Module) Lodgify

I would like to connect Lodgify task management (PM Module) to additional sales on my e-commerce website. I wanted to know if the task management part had an API? Thank you

Display rates on each calendar day

Hello. Is it possible to set up my Lodgify calendar where it will show the rate on each calendar day? Something that looks like this: <https://www.oceanfrontturtlebay.com/oahu-vacation-rentals/villa-305-turtle-bay> <br> Thank you.

Feature Request - Disable or Hide Rental

Hello, This is similar to requests for a POST endpoint to set availability, however this might be closer to the "Take Offline" option under settings. The goal for third party OTAs would be to temporarily remove a listing from search results programmatically. I read in another question thread that creating a dummy reservation is one option for emulating closed dates, however that would only be a partial solution in our case. Thanks, SAS

Create an object

How is it possible to create an object in the Lodgify API? When using the Holidu API we can create objects directly from our software using a push command: <https://developer.holidu.com/reference/upsertapartment> Thanks!

Villas Pricings

Hi, How does Lodgify get prices with API? Why is it obtaining the minimum and maximum prices but not the real pricing from the Lodgify system by villa ID? And how can we get exact price for per night by API.

Connecting remote access and Lodgify Via API

Hello, I want to connect Lodgify to a provide of smart locks in order to generate dynamic access codes. Does anybody know if I can create a connection between the two APIs that support that? Has anybody ever done anything similar with the API keys?

message post success, but unresponsive

I am using "add message to booking " via <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/{id}/messages> where id is a reservation ID in the future. I am the both the guest and the owner of this reservation. The python code is below. The "response" returned is a success code of 200, however no message appears in the string and I receive no email as the guest (email is specified in the reservation). Importantly, the developer document's "Try it" button also results in a code 200 AND places the message in the string and produces an email for me as the guest. I am at a loss as to why my code generates a success code while not actually producing the message as expected. def LSend(subject, message,typem,idn,sn='true'): idn = str(idn) url = "<https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/"+idn+"/messages"> payload = "[{\"subject\":subject,\"message\":message,\"type\":typem,\"send_notification\":sn}]" headers = { "accept": "application/json", "content-type": "application/\*+json", "X-ApiKey": "MYKEYHERE" } response = requests.post(url, data=payload, headers=headers) print(response.text) return response response=LSend(subject='from script',message='Please send this test message.t',typem='Owner',idn=MYIDHERE)