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Is it possible to batch upload properties using your public API? or at least import using spread sheet?

Is it possible to batch upload properties using your public API? or at least import using spread sheet? and how many properties does your product support at most?

Get all amenities from the API

Hi, I'm wondering how can I get the amenities list from the API. For example, the OVEN is called rental.amenities.amenities-picker.amenity-oven in the app.lodgify.com HTML source. When I call v2/properties/{id}/rooms, I get this name for the OVEN : CookingEatingOven. Is there a way to get all available amenities (even those with no properties)? I would like to be able to get all names, for each amenities (CookingEatingOven, CookingEatingRefrigerator, etc.) Thank you,

Property info min_price & max_price not reflective of PriceLabs

When calling the property info endpoint (<https://docs.lodgify.com/reference/getpropertybyidv2>), the fields for min_price and max_price are not accurate. With the following call, I get the subsequent data: (CALL) curl --request GET --url '<https://api.lodgify.com/v2/properties/449807?includeInOut=false>' --header 'X-ApiKey: REDACTED' --header 'accept: application/json' (DATA) { "min_price": 233.47030257751214, "original_min_price": 250, "max_price": 280.1643630930146} In PriceLabs, and in my Lodgify Calendar, there are several dates that are in the $4-500's. Am I misinterpreting the API or is this a bug with PriceLabs integration. If I'm misinterpreting it, is there an endpoint I get call to get a minimum and maximum price for a particular house? (without having to loop through all prices myself) Thanks in advance!

Getting long-term property availability

I'm calling the endpoint to get property info (<https://docs.lodgify.com/reference/getpropertybyidv2>) with the intent of getting the booked dates via the "not_available" field from the "in_out" data. I'm using this data to pass my calendar an array of dates that should be blocked out. This works fine, however, I can't get dates past the field "in_out_max_date": "2023-12-31". This limits me to only be able to display the next 6 months and disallows guests from viewing availability for next year. Is there a way to increase or set a different in_out_max_date, or even better, is there a better, more commonly-used approach to getting long-term availability into my app via the Lodgify API's? Thanks in advance.

GET quote returns 'no default rate defined'

My properties are properly synced with PriceLabs and I'm trying to make a GET request to the 'Gets a quote' endpoint (<https://api.lodgify.com/v2/quote/{propertyId}>) but I'm getting the following response: { "message": "The House has no default rate defined", "code": 666, "correlation_id": "0HMR12K89O8K5:00000035", "event_id": null } Here was my call using Node: const sdk = require('api')('@lodgify/v1.0#38z01gli1eldpj'); sdk.auth('REDACTED'); sdk.getV2QuotePropertyid({arrival: '2023-05-30', departure: '2023-06-30', propertyId: '449806'}) .then(({ data }) => console.log(data)) .catch(err => console.error(err));

Create a quote for an enquiry

Hi I want to create a quote with an enquiry, but I'm getting this odd message. The dates are available in the UI interface. { "message": "No availability found for property 129990", "code": 666, "correlation_id": "0HMQRL03F41HB:0000014E", "event_id": null }

Reservations for a specific property

Hello, There reservations call should accept a parameter such as **propertyID** so that we can retrieve reservations only for that property instead of all reservations.

How to get the fees with the API

Hi! I'm using /v2/rates/calendar to get the rates for a specific date ranges. I have the total which I can calculate, but I don't get any fees (like cleaning fees) neither custom taxes. I have those configured directly in the Lodgify web app. Is there a way to get those informations using the API ? Thanks :)

How can i get the status of the payments


Why doesn´t the function UpdateBooking work?

Hi We are making a booking site which use this API.. When making a booking, the booking is made in our own page where we get the content from this API and we also use the CreateBooking described in the API to create the booking. This long it will work fine, the available rentals is displayed and the booking is created. But when we are calling the UpdateBooking to set a prepaid amount (the reservation fee paid in our own payment solution). We are setting the property Total_paid to the amount of the reservation fee and will get a response OK. but the amount is not registered in the booking, it still shows the whole amount left to pay. Why doesn´t the prepaid amount show up as a transaction in th ebooking? Best regards Daniel Nilson, Skibar Systems