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The pagenation of "List of bookings" API

I have tried the curl below: ``` curl --request GET --url '<https://api.lodgify.com/v2/reservations/bookings?page=1&size=99999&includeCount=true&stayFilter=All'> --header 'X-ApiKey: MY_API_SECRET_KEY' --header 'accept: application/json' ``` The API response shows "count: 137", but there were only 100 data in the "items". I assume there is a restriction on the parameter "size: Number of items per page" like below, am I correct? - For size, even if a value greater than 100 is specified, it is treated as 100.

Availability and price

Hi, I'm using the <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/availability/{propertyId}> endpoint to look up room availability and calculate prices. The issue is that this function does not take into account the minimum stay policy configured. Is there another endpoint I can use that takes the minimum stay into account?

When Subscribing to a Lodgify webhook, how do I specify auth method for my targetUrl

<https://api.lodgify.com/webhooks/v1/subscribe> My targetUrl needs to be protected, how do I protect it by using this API? Thanks

Getting Available Properties and Rates

Good day guys I’m currently using the Gets all availabilites endpoint to search all my available properties for a particular date. This returns properties that are not available as well and requires extra processing to isolate available properties and then require one to search rates separately Is there an easier or recommended way to do compared to what I’m doing at the moment?

Webhook not displaying booking information

I'm trying to capture the event after a guest books a property. I've logged over 70 webhook attempts trying to identify when a guest books so that I can create a code and email it to them. Previously, I was using the event "booking_new_status_booked" but that event never triggered despite having many confirmed bookings to various platforms. Lodgify doesn't have webhook history so I was told to use "booking_new_any_status" to capture a broader subset of events and to extrapolate booking status from there. Over the last week, I've been logging every webhook attempt on my server with the event "booking_new_any_status". I've received 70+ webhook objects and none of them clearly define a booking as booked/paid for/settled. Could you please provide the webhook event type, as well as which field I should be looking for, in order to identify whenever a booking is paid for? Surely someone has done this before. Thanks in advance! P.S. Here are parts of the webhook objects if the dev team is curious: From AirBnB: ``` "source": "AirbnbIntegration", "source_text": "HMKRXPHM32", "status": "Open", "type": "Booking" "current_order": { "scheduled_policy_text": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "security_deposit_text": "", "status": "PendingForOwner" ... } ``` The outer status was always "Open", even after the guest pays and the booking is created. The current_order.status was either "NotSent" or "PendingForOwner". (I have Instant Bookings that don't require approval so I don't know how a status would be pending on my part. From VRBO: ``` "source": "HomeAway", "source_text": "VRBO", "status": "Open", "current_order": { "status": "PendingForOwner" }, ``` Similar to AirBnB- Status is always "Open" without a "Booked". The only promising response I got was from Booking.com: ``` "source": "BookingCom", "source_text": "4168736883|4470453417", "status": "Booked", "type": "Booking" ```

Get all amenities from the API

Hi, I'm wondering how can I get the amenities list from the API. For example, the OVEN is called rental.amenities.amenities-picker.amenity-oven in the app.lodgify.com HTML source. When I call v2/properties/{id}/rooms, I get this name for the OVEN : CookingEatingOven. Is there a way to get all available amenities (even those with no properties)? I would like to be able to get all names, for each amenities (CookingEatingOven, CookingEatingRefrigerator, etc.) Thank you,