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Increase Booking Window

We're trying to get a quote for a property that's more than a year out in advance using the Quote endpoint (<https://docs.lodgify.com/reference/get_v2-quote-propertyid>). However, we're getting the following error: `The departure date is not valid`. How do we increase the booking window so that we can call the API from our direct website? We saw that we can individually increase them per house per channel, but we're not sure if that would correlate to the API itself. We want to be able to let guests book 18 months in advance. Thanks!

How are a room's min_price and max_price calculated?

I am using the Lodgify API to retrieve room details and display them on my client's website: <https://api.lodgify.com/v2/properties/[property_id]/rooms/[room_id]> The client wishes to display the **minimum and maximum price per night**. I was hoping I could achieve this using the **min_price** and **max_price** fields returned by the API call above. However in a number of cases, the two fields contain the same price. The client is happy to populate these fields manually but we can't locate them in the UI. Most properties also have a range of **Season rates** set but these do not appear to be taken into account by min_price or max_price, so we assume they have to be manually entered somewhere. It _looks_ like min_price is populated in **Rentals > Rates > Default Rates > Price per night & min stay** but we're not sure. Please can you let me know where / how these fields are populated / calculated? Thanks!

Quote data (room_type_items) is absent

Hello, I would like to report an intermittent issue we are encountering with the API during booking synchronization. On occasion, quote data (room_type_items) is absent in the response despite successful synchronization. Observed Behavior: Synchronizations 1 through N complete successfully, with all expected data present. Synchronization N+1 exhibits missing quote data, even though synchronization itself completes without errors. Synchronization N+2 and subsequent synchronizations return to normal operation, including complete quote data. The above behavior may repeat. I have the API responses for two sample requests: one exhibiting the issue and one functioning as expected. I can send the whole responses if you give me a way to submit them privately. The quote parts of the two responses: The bad: **2024-02-15 11:05:02** `"quote": { "id": 6685662, "policy": { "name": "---", "payments": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "cancellation": "", "damage_deposit": "" }, "status": "Agreed", "scheduled_transactions": null, "scheduled_damage_protection": null, "room_type_items": null, "addon_items": null, "other_items": null, "vat_items": null },` And the normal: **2024-02-15 11:19:44** `"quote": { "id": 6685662, "policy": { "name": "---", "payments": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "cancellation": "", "damage_deposit": "" }, "status": "Agreed", "scheduled_transactions": null, "scheduled_damage_protection": null, "room_type_items": [ { "room_type_id": <removed>, "subtotal": 187.64, "prices": [ { "type": "RoomRate", "amount": 150, "description": "Daily price" }, { "type": "Fee", "amount": 14, "description": "Cleaning charge" }, { "type": "Tax", "amount": 22.14, "description": "Room Tax ()" }, { "type": "Tax", "amount": 1.5, "description": "Room Tax ()" } ] } ], "addon_items": [], "other_items": [], "vat_items": [{ "type": "Vat", "amount": 0, "description": "VAT" }] },` Before the bad one, the response was as expected. Thank you. Regards, Theocharis Skylitsis

Booking flow via API

I need to build a custom website on top of Lodgify's API, but I don't want to use Lodgify's checkout page. So, when a guest starts to book, a checkout process will be on the website instead of redirecting to Lodgify's checkout page. The only thing I will need is probably Lodgify's payment page so that I don't need to develop integrations with payment systems myself. Is it possible to achieve this via API? What I'm trying to do: 1. Create a booking using <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/> with the status Open. 2. Create a quote using <https://api.lodgify.com/v1/reservation/booking/id/quote> 3. Get a payment link using <https://api.lodgify.com/v2/reservations/bookings/id/quote/paymentLink> When I open a payment link, it says: Cannot make a Payment when Quote status is Not sent. Am I doing everything correctly or should I use different endpoints and different flow? Also, if I do everything correctly, how to change the quote's status to "Sent" from "Not sent"? Thanks.

Webhook not displaying booking information

I'm trying to capture the event after a guest books a property. I've logged over 70 webhook attempts trying to identify when a guest books so that I can create a code and email it to them. Previously, I was using the event "booking_new_status_booked" but that event never triggered despite having many confirmed bookings to various platforms. Lodgify doesn't have webhook history so I was told to use "booking_new_any_status" to capture a broader subset of events and to extrapolate booking status from there. Over the last week, I've been logging every webhook attempt on my server with the event "booking_new_any_status". I've received 70+ webhook objects and none of them clearly define a booking as booked/paid for/settled. Could you please provide the webhook event type, as well as which field I should be looking for, in order to identify whenever a booking is paid for? Surely someone has done this before. Thanks in advance! P.S. Here are parts of the webhook objects if the dev team is curious: From AirBnB: ``` "source": "AirbnbIntegration", "source_text": "HMKRXPHM32", "status": "Open", "type": "Booking" "current_order": { "scheduled_policy_text": "Not scheduled in Lodgify", "security_deposit_text": "", "status": "PendingForOwner" ... } ``` The outer status was always "Open", even after the guest pays and the booking is created. The current_order.status was either "NotSent" or "PendingForOwner". (I have Instant Bookings that don't require approval so I don't know how a status would be pending on my part. From VRBO: ``` "source": "HomeAway", "source_text": "VRBO", "status": "Open", "current_order": { "status": "PendingForOwner" }, ``` Similar to AirBnB- Status is always "Open" without a "Booked". The only promising response I got was from Booking.com: ``` "source": "BookingCom", "source_text": "4168736883|4470453417", "status": "Booked", "type": "Booking" ```

Get all amenities from the API

Hi, I'm wondering how can I get the amenities list from the API. For example, the OVEN is called rental.amenities.amenities-picker.amenity-oven in the app.lodgify.com HTML source. When I call v2/properties/{id}/rooms, I get this name for the OVEN : CookingEatingOven. Is there a way to get all available amenities (even those with no properties)? I would like to be able to get all names, for each amenities (CookingEatingOven, CookingEatingRefrigerator, etc.) Thank you,