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Living Room Count not Imported

Dear Lodgify Team,

I am contacting you because PM Air Concierge realized that the Living Room Count is correctly flowing from your system to us.

Please note that the following property is just an example, but this issue is happening for other properties as well.

Property ID: 487786 (Fabulous New Modern 3BR Home with Pool and Spa)
PM Name: Air Concierge Inc
PMS Account ID: 284272

  1. The Living Room Count is not being automatically pulled from Lodgify to BookingPal. In Lodgify, it says the property has 1 Living Room. Nevertheless, on our system, we have 0 Living Rooms.

I already tried various import jobs on my end, but the information is still not coming over. Hence, I requested our Technical Team to review this case on our end, but they re not seeing the Living Room in the API feed either.

Per my Technical Team, in API there is no Livingroom:
curl --location 'https://storage.googleapis.com/exported-xml-live/export/bookingpal/B1426C1F5A134BAAD5B9E7E5A682DA47/haxml-421721-listing.xml'

Can you please help me by letting me know which API and from which field living Room should be pulled?

In advance, thank you very much

Kind regards!!!