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Webready integration with Lodgify => Unable to Push Bookings

We have checked the Lodgify API method to create a booking, but it does not work for us. Can you please ask your team to help us that how to create a booking (preferably without prior quote creation)?

request example:
POST /v1/reservation/booking
"source": "Manual",
"arrival": "2023-04-15",
"departure": "2023-04-16",

"property_id": 438531,
"guest": {
"name": "usman Javed",
"email": "[email protected]",
"country_code": "PK"
"total": 440.0,
"currency_code": "USD"

the response is 500 Internal Server Error:
"message": "Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'source')",
"code": 666,
"correlation_id": "0HMPHNJ61PEOT:0000017E",
"event_id": null

This is the last issue left in the integration.